Let's talk about the human emotions: by Floriana De Michele, Psychologist

Emotions are a peculiarity of the human being. It is not easy to define what an emotion is but we
can perceive, as human beings, when someone does not express what he feels, as happens in
autistic individuals, or as happens in anaffective people.
In the age of Artificial Intelligence, and of increasingly sophisticated and human-like robots,
perhaps the thing scientists will never succeed in reproducing are “Emotions”.
The emotions guide our psycho-physical state, our verbal and non-verbal communications.
Let's try to get into this area that is not always easily explored and explained: human emotions.
They are so different, intense, numerous, often inexplicable.
First of all there are the "primary emotions", those that man feels from the dawn of prehistory, of
whatever race or origin he is: joy, sadness, anger, fear, surprise.
All of these are innate, and man, from childhood and from prehistoric times experienced them
with varying degrees of intensity.
“Primary emotions” change our physical state, causing more or less temporary changes (see for
example the changes in adrenaline and other hormones that regulate the emotional state).
They are to be considered inherent to our primordial state.
“Secondary emotions”, on the other hand, are typical of a later state in which the individual has
become more self-conscious, even as a consequence of the surrounding world.
They therefore depend on our particular individualism, on how we grew up, on how we were
educated, on our history, on our very personal way of seeing the world and the things that
surround us.
Secondary emotions are envy, shame, joy, jealousy, anxiety, hope, nostalgia, disappointment,
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